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Mollo, Victor.

Card play : or the art of being lucky. Technique / Victor Mollo ^ Nico Gardener. - Revised edition - Toronto : Master Point Press, 2013. - 310 p. : ill. ; 23 cm

First published in 1955, this comprehensive survey of declarer play and defence has been very hard to find for the last decade. It is perhaps the single most-requested out-of-print bridge book, and is widely regarded as the best intermediate-level book on card play ever written. Gardener's technical expertise and Mollo's witty writing style combine to provide a unique instructional experience. This new edition has been updated and modernized by Bridge Magazine editor Mark Horton and also includes a new foreword by Gardener's daughter, Nicola Smith, herself a multiple world champion.

9781897106976 (pbk.)

Contract bridge.
Card games


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