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Edgeworth, Maria, 1768-1849.

[Correspondence and cuttings of engravings] - [1816-1842] - [5 items] 17 cm

Entry in Whyte's Catalogue: The eclectic collector. Auction on Saturday 15 September 2018 at 11AM.
Entry number in catalogue: 195. Whyte's catalogue description: Edgeworth, Maria. 1842 (October 27) signed autograph letter. To Mr George thanking him "for your polite and kind letter and for sending to me a correctly printed copy of the letter of my own and my father about Waverely it was a joint letter of which I have no copy, indeed I never kept a copy of any letter I ever wrote except of letter of business" and adding "I think you have with much good humour addressed and vindicated "The Mac" from all foul and foolish aspersions" Edgeworthtown, one page 12mo; together with a fragment of an autograph letter bearing a signature of Maria Edgeworth; also two engraved vignettes of Edgeworthstown (4) €100-€150 (£80-£120 approx.)

Letter from Maria Edgeworth from Edgeworth Town dated Oct. 27th, 1842 "I am truly obliged to you ..."

Letter from Edgeworth's Town "To my executor Charles Sneyd Edgeworth. I desire that I may be buried in a private a manner and at a little expense as possible ... " "Written by my fathers dictation Feb. 6th, 1816 Maria Edgeworth". Fragment of autograph letter signed by Maria Edgeworth and dated Edgeworth's Town July 19th, 1826. Engraved cutting of a country house with caption "Edgeworthstown". Engraved cutting of a library with caption "Miss Edgeworth's Library".

Edgeworth, Maria, 1768-1849 --Correspondence
Edgeworth, Lovell, 1775-1842 --Correspondence

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