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Carminum poetarum nouem, lyricæ poese[ō]s principum, fragmenta :   Publication: [Geneva] : excudebat Henr. Stephanus illustris uiri Huldrichi Fuggeri typographus, 1560 . 432 p. ; , Edited by Henri Estienne. | Printer's device with motto: "Noli altum sapere" on title page. 12 cm. (12°) Date: 1560 Availability: No items available:

Contes et nouvelles en vers / by La Fontaine, Jean de, Publication: A Amsterdam : Chez Pierre Brunel, fur le Dam á la Bible d'Or, 1709 . 2 v. : , Title pages in red and black. | Head- and tail- pieces, initials. | With the bookseller's woodcut monogram device on the titlepage. | The additional title-plate (signed 'RDH') and 29 illustrations were engraved after Romeyn de Hooghe. | This collection, with the engraved illustrations by Romeyn de Hooghe, was first published by Brunel at Amsterdam in 1699 (NAL Dyce Coll. 5606). | Includes: Dissertation sur la Joconde ... par Boileau Despréaux. 16 cm. (12°) Date: 1709 Availability: No items available:

Dominici Baudii amores / by Baudius, Dominique, Publication: Amstelodami : apud L. Elzevirium, 1638 . [12], 518, [2] p : , Printers device on title page. | Engraved initials, head-and-tail pieces. | Colophon: Lugdvni-Batavorum: Typis Georgii Abrahami vander Marse, M.D.CXXXVIII. | Signatures: 3*[superscript]6 A-2G[superscript]8 2H[superscript]12 2I[superscript]6 2K[superscript]2 (E6 signed E5; F6 signed F5; L5 unsigned; L6 signed L5; O7 signed O5; 2G6 signed 2G5). 13cm. (16°) Date: 1638 Availability: No items available:

Guili. Camdeni viri clarissimi Britannia : by Camden, William, Publication: Amsterdami : apud Guilielmum Blaeu, 1639 . 458, [10] p., [19] leaves of plates, : maps (some folded) ; , Contains very much reduced versions of Mercator's group county maps of 1595, which had previously appeared in P. Bertii Tabularum Geographicarum contractarum ... 1616. The general maps of England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland bear the signature of the engraver, S. Rogiers. The text, in Latin, is a reprint of the abridgement of Camden's Britannia. Cf. Whitaker: The Harold Whitaker Collection ... Univ. of Leeds, 1947, p. 28. | Signatures: A-T¹2 V⁶. | Title vignette (armillary sphere). | Includes index. 13 cm (12°) Date: 1639 Availability: No items available:

Historia Ptolemæorum Ægypti regum : by Foy-Vaillant, Jean, Publication: Amstelædami : Apud G. Gallet, præfectum typographiæ Huguetanorum, 1701 . [20], 218, [2] p. , Title in red and black; engraved vignette (device?) on t.p, signed "J Goeree Inventor" and "G: vander Gouwen sculp." | With a preliminary half-title leaf. Half-title reads: "Vaillant Historia Ptolemaeorum." | Small engraved portraits within text. | Signatures: pi² *-2*⁴ A-2D⁴ 2E² (2E2 blank). | Head- and tail-pieces, initials, marginal notes. 32 cm. (2°) Date: 1701 Availability: No items available:

Imagines et elogia virorum illustrium et eruditor ex antiquis lapidibus et nomismatib / by Orsini, Fulvio, Publication: Romae : Ant. Lafrerij formeis, 1570 . [2], 111 p., [39], [70] p. of plates : , Engraved title-page within architectural border, signed with monogram of Andrea Marelli. | Head- and tail-pieces; initials. | Colophon, p. [111]: Venetiis MDLXX : in aedibus Petri Dehuchino, Galli. | Many of the plates are from a collection of 52 plates issued by Lafréry in 1569 under the title Illustrium virorum, ut extant in urbe expressi vultus, cum praefatione Achillis Statii. | Some pages have woodcut illustrations and printed text; some have engraved text and illustrations. | Signatures: A-O⁴. 31 cm. (2°) Date: 1570 Availability: No items available:

Impp. romanorum numismatum series : by Hulsius, Levinus, Publication: Francofvriti : impensis authoris, 1603 . 305, [6] p. : , Title vignette. Coat of arms on verso of t.-p, initials and head pieces. | "Elenchus authorum qui de numismatibus scripserunt": prelim. leaves 5-7 15 cm. (12°) Date: 1603 Availability: No items available:

Justini historiarum : by Justinus, Marcus Junianus. Publication: Lugd. Batavorum [Leiden] : ex officina Elzeviriana, 1640 . [32], 294, 39, [55] p. ; , Engraved title page, signed "Cor. Cl. Duysent fec.". | Woodcut head- and tail-pieces and initials. | Signatures: *⁸ A-Q¹² R². | "Isaaci Vossii breves ad Iustinum notae", 36 p. at end. | Includes index. 12 cm. (12°) Date: 1640 Availability: No items available:

M. Annæi Lucani Cordub Pharsalia sive belli civilis : by Lucan, Publication: Londini : typis J. Brindley, 1751 . 2v. : , Engraved title page. | Title vignette (coronet of Prince of Wales) Red line borders. | "Jacobi Palmerii ... [Greek title] sive Pro Lucano apologia": v. 2, p. [i]-ix; "Supplementum Lucani, auctore Thoma Majo Anglo": v. 2, p. [99]-75 [i.e. 175] 12 cm. (12°) Date: 1751 Availability: No items available:

Phaedri, Augusti Caesaris liberti, Fabularum Aesopiarum libri quinque / by Phaedrus. Publication: Amstelodami [Amsterdam] : apud Johannem Janssonium à Waesberge, & viduam Elizei Weyerstraet, anno M.D.C.LXVII. [1667] . [64], 462, [206] p. : , Added engraved t.p. (Chr: Hagens sc.) | Engraved initials, head-and-tail pieces. | Includes index. 20 cm. (8°) Availability: No items available:

Pontificum romanorum effigies : by Cavalieri, Giovanni Battista, Publication: [Rome] : Ex typographia Dominici Basae, 1585 . [8], [230] p. of plates : , Engraved t.p. with architectural border. | Portaits numbered 1-230. Each portrait accompanied by a page of descriptive letterpress. | Added engraved t.p. with title 'Romanorum pontificum effigies Ioannis Bap. de Cauallerijs opera et studio aeneis tabulis incisae. Adiecta est in singulos pontifices breuis elucidatio ex diuersis autoribus collecta. Romae M.D.LXXXV.' | Cavalieri's coat of arms on final page. 19 cm. (8°) Date: 1585 Availability: No items available:

Pornodidascalus, seu colloquium muliebre / by Aretino, Pietro, Publication: Francofurti [Frankfurt am Main] : typis Wechelianis, sumptibus D. & D. Aubriorum & C. Schleichii, 1623 . [2], 124 p., [2] ; , Title page in recd and black. | Head-and-tail pieces, initials. | Final 2 pages errata. 17 cm. (12°) Date: 1623 Availability: No items available:

Q. Horatius Flacuss / by Horace. Publication: Amstelaedami : Typis Ioannis Blaeu Sumptibus Societatis, 1650 . [1]285p.,[3] ; , Engraved title page and tail piece. | Commentary surrounds text. | Editors note dated 1606. | Three pages of publisher's advertisements at end. 13 cm. (12°) Date: 1650 Availability: No items available:

Quinti Horatii Flacci poemata : by Horace. Publication: Amstelod. : Apud Iohannem Iansonium, 1643 . 283p. ; , Engraved title page. | Engraved initials and tail pieces. 13 cm. (12°) Date: 1643 Availability: No items available:

Quintus Horatius Flaccus. by Horace. Publication: Birminghamiæ : Typis Johannis Baskerville, 1770 . [4], 344p., [4], [5] leaves of plates : , With a half-title. | With frontispiece and engraved title page vignette. | This edition of Horace's Carmina is the rarest of the classical quartos, and the only one issued by Baskerville with plates. It is found in three forms, 1. without frontispiece or plates, 2. with frontispiece only, and 3. very rarely, as in this copy, with the frontispiece by Henriquez and the four plates after Gravelot. | Engravers Godfroy, Voyer, J. Leveau and C. le Vasseur. | The titlepage exists in two settings, one with the "D" in "MDCCLXX" damaged. [this one is perfect] | Sig. 2A1 (pp. 185-6) is a cancel, existing in four different settings, none of them differing from the cancellandum or from each other except in the arrangement of the units in the two rules of 'lozenge and star' ornaments. 31 cm. (4°) Date: 1770 Availability: No items available:

Renati Des-cartes Opera philosophica. by Descartes, René, Publication: [Amstelodami : Apud Danielem Elsevirium, 1677 . [40], 222; [16], 248; [24], 92, [4] p. : , Title details from general half-title at front. | Title vignettes: Elsevier device (Minerva, Rahir 19 and 21); initials, head and tail pieces. | Pt. 1 title-page: Renati Des-cartes Principia philosophiae. Ultima editio cum optima collata, diligenter recognita, & medis expurgata. | Pt. 2 title-page: Renati Des Cartes Specimina philosophiae: seu Dissertatio de methodo rectè regendae rationis, & veritatis in scientiis investigandae: Dioptrice, et Meteora. Ex Gallico translata, & ab auctore perlecta, variisque in locis emendata. Ultima editio cum optima collata, diligenter recognita, & medis expurgata. | Pt. 3 title-page: Passiones animae, per Renatum Descartes: Gallicè ab ipso conscriptae, nunc autem in exterorum gratiam Latina civitate donatae. Ab H. D. M. I. V. L. | 'Passiones animae' translated by Henri Desmarets. | Imprint from individual title-pages. | Each part has separate pagination and register. | In this state, 'Principia philosophiae', 'Specimina philosophiae' and 'Passiones animae' have been issued together with a collective half-title, but they were also sold separately. 21 cm. (8°) Date: 1677 Availability: No items available:

Ritratto di Roma moderna / by Totti, Pompilio. Publication: In Roma : per il Mascardi, ad instanza di Pompilio Totti, con licenza de superiori e privilego, 1638 . 531 p., [55] p. of plates : , Head-and-tail-pieces, initals. | Engraved title page. | Colophon has "Appresso Vitale Mascardi" and printers device. | Signatures: pi1 [dagger]⁸ 2[dagger]⁶ (-2[dagger]6) A-Ii⁸ Kk¹⁰. | Includes index. 17 cm. (12°) Date: 1638 Availability: No items available:

Romanorum imperatorum effigies : by Cavalieri, Giovanni Battista, Publication: Romae : [Apud Vincentium Accultum], 1583 . [12],157p. [157] p. of plates ; , Imprint from t.p. and colophon. | Engraved t.p. with architectural border. | Engraved initials, head-and-tail pieces. | Includes index. | Each portrait accompanied by a page of descriptive letterpress. 19 cm. (8°) Date: 1583 Availability: No items available:

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