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The botanical magazine, or flower garden displayed :   Publication: London : printed by Fry and Couchman W[illiam]. Curtis, at his Botanic-Garden, Lambeth-Marsh; and sold by all booksellers, stationers, and news-carriers, in town and country, 1787 . 14 v. [504] plates, interleaved : , Compiled and edited by William Curtis; his name appears on the title pages of v. 2-14. | Imprints vary; v. 2-4,"printed by Couchman and Fry, ... for W. Curtis,... and sold by the principal booksellers in Britain and Ireland"; v. 5-14, "printed by Stephen Couchman, for W. Curtis; and sold by the principal booksellers ...". | Drawings for the plates were made by: James Sowerby, Sydenham Edwards and Francis Sansom; coloring supervised by William Graves; principal engraver for early vols.: Francis Sansom (cf. Henrey). | The monthly issues in each vol. include three plates, each with facing leaf of letterpress description. Some plates have extended description on more than one leaf. | Text leaves are bound facing the plates they describe and numbered to correspond to that plate. | Plates and leaves are numbered consecutively from volume to volume; letterpress leaves are unsigned. | Illustrates and describes hundreds of flowering plants not native to the British Isles, cultivated in his own gardens by William Curtis. After his death the work was continued by his assistant, John Sims, who was responsible for vols. 15-18 (1801-1803). The series of volumes continued into the late 19th century. The plates in the first 14 vols. are remarkable for their quality, detail and natural color. | Collects monthly issues of: The Botanical magazine. | Early volumes reprinted by "Fry and Couchman" from 1787-<1790>; and by Stephen Couchman in 1790 and 1793, to meet popular demand. Most extant library sets include various printings. 23 cm (8°) Date: 1787 Availability: No items available:

Common farm weeds illustrated /   Publication: London : Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1952 . vii, 172 p : 23 cm. Date: 1952 Availability: No items available:

Exotic plants of the world / by Belvianes, Marcel, Publication: London : Rathbone Books, 1955 . 93 p. : 27 cm. Date: 1955 Availability: No items available:

The glory of the tree / by Boom, B. K. Publication: London : George G. Harrap, 1966 . 128 p. : , Includes index. 29 cm. Date: 1966 Availability: No items available:

Das Kleine Blumenbuch / by Kredel, Fritz, Publication: Leipzig : | Insel-Verlag, 1933 . 58p. : 19 cm. Date: 1933 Availability: No items available:

The Macmillan wild flower book / by Hylander, Clarence J. Publication: New York : Macmillan, 1968 . xv, 480 p. : , Includes index. | First published in 1954. 27 cm. Date: 1968 Availability: No items available:

The pictorial encyclopedia of plants and flowers / by Novák, Frantisěk A., Publication: London : | New York : P. Hamlyn ; | Crown Publishers 1966 . 589 p. : 23 cm Date: 1966 Availability: Items available: Library (1),

Wild flowers of the world / by Everard, Barbara. Publication: London : Ebury Press and Michael Joseph, 1970 . 432 p. : , Includes index. 30 cm. Date: 1970 Availability: No items available:

The wonderful life of flowers / by Jaeger, Paul, Publication: London : George G. Harrap, 1961 . 195 p. : , Originally published in French by Horizons de France, 1959. | Illustrated lining papers. 29 cm. Date: 1961 Availability: No items available:

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