New Acquisitions March. 2020 /cgi-bin/koha/ RSS feed for public list New Acquisitions March. 2020 'Cherry' Ingram : by Abe, Naoko, /cgi-bin/koha/ A better planet : by Esty, Daniel C. /cgi-bin/koha/ A cottage and three acres ; by O' Neill, Colette /cgi-bin/koha/ A Minute to Midnight / by Baldacci, David. /cgi-bin/koha/ Across the void / by Vaughn, S. K., /cgi-bin/koha/ America before / by Hancock, Graham. /cgi-bin/koha/ Anseo : by Kavanagh, Úna-Minh, /cgi-bin/koha/ Antimony, gold, and Jupiter's wolf : by Wothers, Peter, /cgi-bin/koha/ Arise and go : by Connolly, Kevin, /cgi-bin/koha/ Bletchley Park and D-Day : by Webster, David Kenyon, /cgi-bin/koha/ Bruised, never broken / by Coulter, Phil. /cgi-bin/koha/ Craftfulness : by Davidson, Rosemary /cgi-bin/koha/ Do you dream of Terra-Two? / by Oh, Temi, /cgi-bin/koha/ Dress in the age of Jane Austen : by Davidson, Hilary, /cgi-bin/koha/ Edible pleasures : by Citron, Lana, /cgi-bin/koha/ Escape from earth : by MacDonald, Fraser, /cgi-bin/koha/ Exodus, reckoning, sacrifice : by Nicolaïdis, Kalypso, /cgi-bin/koha/ Falling felines and fundamental physics / by Gbur, Greg, /cgi-bin/koha/ Fiber : by Crawford, Susan P., /cgi-bin/koha/ Florence under siege : by Henderson, John, /cgi-bin/koha/ Frozen in time : /cgi-bin/koha/ Gentleman Jack : by Steidele, Angela, /cgi-bin/koha/ Here be dragons : by Häggström, Olle, /cgi-bin/koha/ How the old world ended : by Scott, Jonathan, /cgi-bin/koha/ Lay of the land : by O'Connell, Fiona, /cgi-bin/koha/ Love is green: compassion as responsibility in the ecological emergency / by Weir, Lucy /cgi-bin/koha/ Missing : by Cummins, Barry. /cgi-bin/koha/ Mountains of the mind : by Macfarlane, Robert, /cgi-bin/koha/ Nature strange and beautiful : by Leigh, Egbert Giles, /cgi-bin/koha/ Nikola Tesla and the electrical future / by Morus, Iwan Rhys, /cgi-bin/koha/ Paprika / by McGuinness, Frank. /cgi-bin/koha/ Poems / by MacCarthy, Ethna, /cgi-bin/koha/ Power trip : by Webber, Michael E., /cgi-bin/koha/ Salt on your tongue : by Runcie, Charlotte, /cgi-bin/koha/ Seven signs of life : by Abbey, Aoife, /cgi-bin/koha/ Skelligs haul / by Kirby, Michael, /cgi-bin/koha/ Surfacing / by Jamie, Kathleen, /cgi-bin/koha/ The architectural, landscape and constitutional plans of the Earl of Mar, 1700-32 / by Stewart, Margaret /cgi-bin/koha/ The bear pit / by MacLean, Shona, /cgi-bin/koha/ The best of Benedict Kiely : by Kiely, Benedict. /cgi-bin/koha/ The book of science and antiquities / by Keneally, Thomas. /cgi-bin/koha/ The cosmopolitan tradition : by Nussbaum, Martha Craven, /cgi-bin/koha/ The doctor who sat for a year / by Kelly, Brendan /cgi-bin/koha/ The history of the SAS : by Ryan, Chris, /cgi-bin/koha/ The Hitler years : by McDonough, Frank, /cgi-bin/koha/ The intelligence trap : by Robson, David, /cgi-bin/koha/ The Jamestown brides : by Potter, Jennifer, /cgi-bin/koha/ The levelling : by O'Sullivan, Michael, /cgi-bin/koha/ The master and his emissary : by McGilchrist, Iain. /cgi-bin/koha/ The Ordnance Survey Ireland puzzle book ; /cgi-bin/koha/ The pleasant profession of Robert A. Heinlein / by Mendlesohn, Farah, /cgi-bin/koha/ The professor and the parson : by Sisman, Adam /cgi-bin/koha/ The remarkable life of the skin : by Lyman, Monty /cgi-bin/koha/ The ride of a lifetime : by Iger, Robert /cgi-bin/koha/ The scoundrel Harry Larkyns : by Gowers, Rebecca, /cgi-bin/koha/ The shattered worlds of Standish O'Grady : by Boettcher, Christopher, /cgi-bin/koha/ The Summer Isles : by Marsden, Philip, /cgi-bin/koha/ The tenth muse / by Chung, Catherine, /cgi-bin/koha/ The walls have ears : by Fry, Helen P., /cgi-bin/koha/ The white darkness / by Grann, David, /cgi-bin/koha/ This life : by Hägglund, Martin, /cgi-bin/koha/ Three laws of nature : by Berry, R. Stephen, /cgi-bin/koha/ Tongues / by O'Brien, Peggy, /cgi-bin/koha/ Tools and weapons : by Smith, Brad /cgi-bin/koha/ Walking to Jerusalem : by Butcher, Justin, /cgi-bin/koha/