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100 1 _aHarvey, Dan,
245 1 2 _aA bloody day :
_bthe Irish at Waterloo /
_cDan Harvey.
246 1 0 _aThe Irish at Waterloo.
260 _aNewbridge, Ireland :
_bMerrion Press,
300 _axvii, 179 p. :
_bill., maps ;
_c23 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _aWithin the grand narrative of the Battle of Waterloo - one that marks the end of Napoleon's career as conqueror and the beginning of an extended peace in western Europe - little is known of the formidable efforts made by the Irish, beyond the Duke of Wellington, who supplemented the strength of the British Army and, in no small measure, directed the outcome of this vital moment in the history of the world. Through empirical research, Dan Harvey has gathered a definitive figure of those Irish who fought for Wellington a total of 8,500 - and delivered a book that reveals the manoeuvres that they mounted against the French and the courage that they displayed at so many points within the confrontation. Harvey examines attacks from the infantry, cavalry and Imperial Guard, revealing how the Irish bore the brunt of Napoleon s frontal assault; they suffered many casualties but were also witness to countless feats of valour. A Bloody Day brings the actions of the Irish at Waterloo into focus, unravelling the true import of their deeds on Sunday, 18 June 1815.
650 0 _aWaterloo, Battle of, Waterloo, Belgium, 1815.
650 0 _aNapoleonic Wars, 1800-1815
_xParticipation, Irish.
650 0 _aSoldiers
_y19th century.
651 0 _aIreland
_xHistory, Military.
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