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020 _a9781781258026 (hbk.) :
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100 1 _aBraude, Mark.
245 1 4 _aThe invisible emperor :
_bNapoleon on Elba /
_cMark Braude.
264 1 _aLondon :
_bProfile Books,
300 _a360 pages :
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_c22 cm
520 _a"Few historical figures are as well-known as Napoleon Bonaparte, and yet the Emperor's ten-month exile on the small island of Elba is virtually unexplored. Now, for the first time, we have a window into this critical moment when the most powerful man on earth turns defeat into one final challenge. A close character study mixed with a world-shaking drama, The Invisible Emperor will show Napoleon as he's never before been seen: as heart-broken husband, civil engineer, interior decorator, gardener and spy master. It will show a man at his nadir rise up against the global odds to build a miniature island empire, turn his two greatest foes into his closest confidantes, and return to France without firing a single shot." - Copac
600 1 0 _aNapoleon
_cEmperor of the French,
651 0 _aFrance
_xKings and rulers
651 0 _aFrance
_yConsulate and First Empire, 1799-1815.
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