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100 1 _aHägglund, Martin,
245 1 0 _aThis life :
_bwhy mortality makes us free /
_cMartin Hägglund.
264 1 _aLondon :
_bProfile Books,
300 _a450 pages ;
_c24 cm
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _a"If this life is all there is, what should we do with it? Join Swedish philosopher Martin Hägglund on an original inquiry into the deepest questions of existence, beginning with a radical declaration: 'What I do and what I love can matter to me only because I understand myself as mortal.' Through revelatory engagements with some of history's greatest philosophers, including Aristotle, St Augustine, Nietzsche, Hegel and Marx, Hägglund attacks our two great deceivers, religion and capitalism. Only by stripping away their subtle illusions can we discover the true value of our earthly freedom. Existence is revealed as a collective project: everything is at stake in what we do together, and no victory can survive us. 'The light of bliss - even when it floods your life - is always attended by the shadow of loss.' By illuminating this truth, This Life forges an existential philosophy fit for a darkening century." - Book cover
650 0 _aSocial sciences
650 0 _aLiberty.
650 0 _aFree will and determinism.
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